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ive been away from thee for too long again. but here is an update on my "weekend" back home.

the knitting factory was fun...chase long beach is amazing. the end.

as was easter brunch and smoothies

but alas, woe is i

for thy be back in my dorm room with thine books


eff you rome (in case you were wondering about this, i am taking a roman class this quarter and it can go fuck itself. seriously. 150 pages a week?! wtf?! where am i, ucla? pshah...)

oh and also,

i left my power chord and cough syrup in karen's stupid car...stupid!

so, not only will i be dying from my cough

but my laptop has about 1 hr left...this is sad

effin dells...

omfg. im looking to my left. and there is seriously 5 books i still need to read from. as if the play and 4 other books were not enough.

i swear to gawd, i am going to die.

at least warcraft is out of the room....what a mother effing relief. seriously...and we have a ps2 again

which equals

>god of war 2
>and a dvd player...aka battlestar marathon. stop by. it will be amazing

not that i can o either of those two on account of all my reading. i just took a picture of my stack of books. and i will post it. eventually. so you can all experience the "woe is me quarter 3 howze" lifestyle

goodnight life

at least i get to see peaches on tuesday...and possible clubbin on thursday...hahahaha..

ill let u know how that turns out...

peace and love, holmes

howze out

ps...i realize i have yet to really give back story on anything in my life. this is sad for you, the reader. but the day will come when i do that. again. also, i went to gay! gay! gay! part! part deux on friday night. it was amazing. :) the end.



April 2007

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