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where's andre?

well he certainly wasn't at ucla....BUT NICK VERROES WAS!

thats right, the ubber sexy stud who got 5th place on the second season of the hit Bravo series Project Runway was at ucla tonight judging our 1st annual RESIDENT RUNWAY COMPETITION.
(it was basically a fashion show that showcased 10 designer teams who had to make an outfit out of 4 pieces of clothing from the goodwill store and then model it for the judges. and they all turned out fantastic. but thats not really what im bloggin about. no, its all about nick, people.)

he gave some great insider info on his stay on the show, including, and i quote

"remeber when zahara kept complaining about how someone stole a piece of her fabric? well, she was really hiding it under her work station and she was just making a scene in order to get some more air time."

i effin hate zahara wth a passion. shes the bitch that stole nick's model....but lucky for her, she got auf'd that night.

it was hilarious, because nick then proceeded to do a tim gunn impersonation about what happened when mr. gunn found out what zahara had done, with a little help from santino.

nick said "tim gunn turned to me, in his banana republic perfect suit, looked me straight in the face, lowered his glasses and said, "i would have hit the bitch in the face with a bat." then put his glasses back on and proceeded to take us to the fabric store."

he told us to not go bloggin what he just said, but i basically died when i heard that and i had to share it with you all. omfg, i love this show. as you know, casting for season 4 went on these past couple weeks and the show returns in the fall....so effin excited!

he had a lot more to say, but it was just other funny behind the scenes sort of stuff that wasnt as funny.


nick also told us that he is shooting a new show for the CW as a fashion expert consultant to someone or another....anyways, look for more nick in your life people!

plus i got to shake nick's hand and take a pic with him... :)


pic 1: http://img.timeinc.net/people/i/2006/features/spotlight/060731/nick_verreos.jpg

everything else: me and my ears and my 1995 digital camera


you are so cute!!
Love nick! i felt so bad for him when he model was taken, but at least we got to see a walk off!

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